Secret Garden

Behind an old low wall and a creaky rusty gate covered in green vines, hidden away, is a secret place. Garden with beautiful wild flowers, where the air is filled with intoxicating fragrances, the water is crystal clear, a light breeze blows... It's the world of our dreams. It's a place that we have all wanted to appear. Secret Garden.


Who said a pair of earring has to be the same one twice? Wearing two different earrings feels new and refreshing. In addition to the original Singles earring, there are now lovely little rings, bracelets, and short necklaces all easily combined. Let yourself play singles ...


Classics collection is a selection of characteristic and most desired pieces created by Hany Koi. Attractive, charismatic and elegant.

 Koi Wraps

Koi Wraps are beautifully feminine wrap necklaces adorned with gorgeous semi-precious stones and crystals. Thanks to the many ways you can wrap them around, they make a very versatile accessory. Koi Wrap is more than an alluring necklace - it's a practical addition to your wardrobe.


 Let our wings carry you off to the magical world of Hany Koi ... "I created the Butterfly collection during a very special time in my life. I fall in love with every new collection and then wear it all the time - but these little fluttering wings are constant."